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Full Version: Xbox test version registration question
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Ok, I am sorry to post this, but I feel like I missed something.  I have submitted my e-mail a long time ago (January-ish) to be a registered user of the "flighted" versions using the following FAQ directions as quoted below.  I believe I re-submitted my e-mail a couple of times since then. 
Quote:Kodi v18 for XBOX test version registration
We will try to do frequent test version updates to registered users as the "flighted" submission process is much faster than the official store. This way we can get early feedback and crashlogs before we push it to official store. Since this will be a manual step getting you added to the list you may need some patience before you get an update.
Registration from: click here
There will be no confirmation you have been added to the list. We recommend you hit the check for updates function in the XBOX menu to make sure you get the update.

However, I can't figure out how to install the test versions.  I have looked in the store, and I have checked for updates looking at the actual installed app.  However, I still only see the 2/25 build.  

Do I need to uninstall the normal version, and to allow the installation of the test version?
Do I have to do something else to get access?
Last, is there a way to check if I have been added to the group?  

Thanks for all the work the team has done I really appreciate it.
(2018-03-29, 01:40)seean54 Wrote: [ -> ]Do I need to uninstall the normal version, and to allow the installation of the test version?
No need any action from you. Your system must receive the latest available update for you. If you actually in "flighted" group you will receive an update automatically. One action may be required: check for updates Smile
(2018-03-29, 01:40)seean54 Wrote: [ -> ]Do I have to do something else to get access?
(2018-03-29, 01:40)seean54 Wrote: [ -> ]Last, is there a way to check if I have been added to the group?  
Send me your email on which MS account was registered in a private message, I'll check your email.

Thanks for getting back to me.  I have tried sending you a PM, but I get a message that my account is awaiting activation or Moderation.  I tried activating a second time, and got a message stating I was already activated, and didn't have to authenticate my e-mail.  BTW, my live account e-mail uses the same e-mail that I used to register this account with.  If not I will try to PM again when I am home.  

Just an FYI, I just officially joined right before I made my first post.  I have been a long time lurker, and didn't have a reason to join before.  So that may have something to do with my PM issue.  Or I am sure I am just doing something wrong.
As a new member you won't have PM privileges yet. What I suggest is posting your email then immediately editing your post to remove it so no else can see it, however as the forum software gives all forum moderators access to edit history and so will be able to see it.
@seean54 Given the circumstances, as an exception to our normal rules I've adjusted your account and you should be able to send PM's now.

I was able to reply to your PM.  I am guessing it is because Darren made an exception for my account.  

Thanks everyone for all your help.  I am sorry that you are spending time answering my post instead of spending more time enhancing Kodi.  Smile
Having the same issue as OP. 

@afedchin Can I PM you my email for you to check?