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Full Version: SONY Android - "Action Menu" Button problems.
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Hello Everyone!

On my SONY Android TV (A1E) and when pressing to Action Menu Button during video playback to go to the Picture Settings Menu to change Brightness, Contrast, etc., playback of the video is stopped completely and the Kodi UI is displayed again and the Action Menu appears.

How can I prevent this? I would like to be able to open the picture settings of my SONY from within the KODI Video playback.

Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

Thanks in advance!

wait for Leia. Or use beta.
I'm already using 17.6....
......which is not Leia (v18). Or beta. Again v18.
I turned off 'everything' on my Bravia 2015 TV and use my Shield for Kodi, Netflix, Amazon... etc (and Live Channels with a SD Connect). I got tired of dealing with the under-powered Mediatek SOC that Sony choose to use.

The problem does not happen with Kodi Leia (alpha)..
Same problon on Philips.

Philips 49PUS6482 (TPM171E), latest firmware with Android 8.0
Kodi latest version 18.1
Same problem on Philips 65PUS7803 with the latest FW with Android 8.0 and Kodi 18.0 and 18.1. Previous Philips FW with Android 7.0 worked fine with Kodi 18.0 and 18.1.