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Full Version: Add-on to add Blu-ray case?
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I was wondering if there is an add-on to add Blu-ray case s to the movie posters, I saw some YouTube videos and emby also have it.
Inside Kodi that option depends on the skin. IIRC for AeonMQ you need to have the word "bluray" somewhere in the path to the movie file to show up bluray-cases in library view.

If the skin does not support that, you are out of luck.

Not sure how emby does it.
I Have Blu-Ray In My File Names But Can't Seem To See Blu-Ray Cases Since Showcase In The Old Days Of Aeon

The skin has to support Media Flags, and it has to be named in accordance with the correct naming convention.

I don't use Media Flags, but I don't think I have seen any skin that uses "Blu-Ray"

Ask in the skin forum for the skin you are using for correct naming.
Thanks, Learned To Live Without It..
There used to be a windows program many years ago that could convert any image into a cover style with a transparent PNG overlay.

I've lost it now, but if anyone can remember where it was then I would also be interested.

EDIT: apparently photoshop can do it in batch https://www.reddit.com/r/photoshop/comme...gs_over_a/

EDIT2: imagemagick can also do this in batch. https://www.xoogu.com/2013/how-to-automa...agemagick/
Plenty of skins will do this for you, take mine Aeon Madnox, if you activate cases in the various views then it will mainly use video resolution of the file to assign the relevant case. Lots of skins have cases but you need to activate them and possibly other options in the skin to actually have the cases appear.
@Mike_Doc do you have the overlay file anywhere for bluray cover?
Think I found it here: