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Full Version: Album Art Setup
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I've got a question about music art i hope can be cleared up. After scanning in my music collection some of the artist thumbs show up with the album art.

i set as follows

Artist artwork  - \Artistname\folder.jpg

Album artwork  - \ Artistname\Albumname(year)\folder.jpg

Pic below show album cover where artist thumb should be.

try this: Artist artwork  - \Artistname\artist.jpg
I think you have tripped over a known bug in v18 alpha, which I have yet to fix when I get time, but tell me if you are using a different version.

For information unlike video, in the music library the folder names do not  matter only the location of the music on the abum or by the artist. BTW just using artist.jpg as @PhilYHC suggests will not work.
thanks for the correction @DaveBlake i should have elaborated, i have the following in AdvancedSettings:

Ah yes, significant elaboration @PhilYHC ,  I often forget that the user can change what filename is used Smile