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Full Version: personal repo won't *correctly* update-- it does update, but installs don't work/fail
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Can a repo update itselfHuh
I mean, can it update its own datadir to "move to a new home", as long as the old home still exists?
My experience says no... but I have no idea why, nor did I google-up any luck. First, me explain the problem, then I'll drop the details...

I have a repo that's been at v1.0.0 for forever.  I decided to copy zips to another server, and copy the xml/md5 to a different directory (and in the future I'll eliminate the originals, but for now they all coexist with the same 755 perms). I added an updated v1.0.1 zip for my repo to its datadir, and updated (both) the addons.xml/md5.

If I install v1.0.0 from-zip, and then allow it to update to v1.0.1, the update appears to be successful -- BUT attempting to install any addon does... nothing. It doesn't fail. But it also doesn't work. It just sits there.  The log has only one line saying it thinks it's installing an addon. No errors in the log or GUI. I thought maybe quitting and re-opening Kodi might work, but it had no effect.

Now, let's get this clear: the repo is (probably) fine. The zips are (probably) fine.  
I (probably) know this because if I remove my v1.0.1 repo, then install v1.0.1 from-zip, it works perfectly fine. Addons install normally.

Here's the demonstrative changed properties, in case they matter...
(but I'm pretty sure the fact the datadir moved is the problem bug... err "feature")

original repo version:
<addon id="repository.myrepo" name="my repo" version="1.0.0" provider-name="me">
    <extension point="xbmc.addon.repository" name="my repo">
            <info compressed="false">http://mysite.org/kodi/addons.xml</info>
            <datadir zip="true">http://mysite.org/kodi/zips/</datadir>

updated repo version:
<addon id="repository.myrepo" name="my repo" version="1.0.1" provider-name="me">
    <extension point="xbmc.addon.repository" name="my repo">
            <info compressed="false">http://mysite.org/kodi2/addons.xml</info>
            <datadir zip="true">http://othersite.com/kodi/zips/</datadir>

Note url changes
  1. info 
    • http://mysite.org/kodi/addons.xml
    • http://mysite.org/kodi2/addons.xml
  2. checksum 
    • http://mysite.org/kodi/addons.xml.md5
    • http://mysite.org/kodi2/addons.xml.md5
  3. datadir 
    • http://mysite.org/kodi/zips/
    • http://othersite.com/kodi/zips/

Is this type of self-updating not a thing a repo can do?
I can offer more data about anything -- if anyone has any suggestions??

Do not many people roll their own repos?? It's really easy, the kodi wiki made it completely straightforward, esp if reverse engineering someone else's -- if you don't know how to do it, you should totally learn!  Wham bam, I can stage all my favorite doodads in one place, including edited default settings and everything so I don't need to, say, input settings for 6 IPcams each time I want to clear a device or clean-install an apk...