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Full Version: Renamer not working as intended on series (Video Format)
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Hi all,

Don't know if anyone noticed before, but I was wondering if it is a bug or if I may be doing something wrong.
I like my file names to contain the Video and Audio format, which would be $F and $A, respectively.
While this works well when set under "Settings-Movies-Renamer", it fails on TV Shows when set under "Settings-TV Shows-Renamer".
It works with TV Show Name, Episode Title, and almost all others, but not for R, A, V, & F, even though the preview suggests that as it reflects those switches.
Using 2.9.8 on Linux, btw.
- Mike
just did a test with $V and the video format has been taken while renaming.

please set the token and rename one episode afterwards (select the episode and press the rename button). If that won't work, please provide the corresponding part of the log (should be easily detectable for a linux user Wink )
HI there,

thanks for the answer, posting the log is certainly easy.
However, since I now know that it does not affect everybody, I did some experiments with strange results. It works on some shows:


But not on others:


Both files have the same owner and permissions.

- Mike
The second log is shorter (not renamed) since the filenames are already ok.
Since the resolution pattern is not there, i would expect it might be not available.
Do you see some mediainformation of that files? Maybe we haven't read them yet...

Can you upload the complete log somewhere?
(eg try to rename complete show again)
Yes, the 2nd log is shorter, as TMM considers the names to be correct and doesn't rename, although that is not the case (I have $V set in renaming).
I agree, there should be info on the part when TMM reads the video file to determine media properties like the video format and resolution.

I'll have to see if I can increase the verbosity of the log somewhere. Renaming an entire show will certainly make the log longer, but will only contain the same information, just multiplied by each episode. So I'm not sure that will help here.
could you check whether the mediainfo has been read for these episodes? (select episode and choose the mediainfo tab)..
if they are not available (maybe you imported them when no loadable libmediainfo was available on your system), just select them and choose reload mediainfo
You guys are good, that was exactly the error: there was no media information for those files, re-reading them worked like a charm.
I thought I had read in the info when scraping the show and collecting metadata, but I found that the media information can be read by selecting either the episode, or the show, but NOT the season.
So I guess I selected the season, scraped, but the media information was not read by doing this.

Thanks for the help!