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Full Version: help with some artists not scrapped please
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so i have over a thousand artists and the universal artist scraper has found tons of the artists, but there are some it didnt find, what can i do to fix it
Well, the first possibility is the online sources checked by the scraper don't have any data on the artist.  Since these online sources are for the most part community-driven, you can help by adding the info into the online source.  Alternatively, it could be your tags are bad.  Impossible to know without seeing your tags.

scott s.
my tags are all fine, i use picard to fix them, i didnt know you can add info to the sources, who does that scraper use? is it allmusic.com
Yes you can always contribute to the "cloud of knowledge" by adding entries to Muiscbrainz, allmusic.com, fanart.tv and TADB. The Universal scraper uses all these great free resources, and it is nice when Kodi users give back to the community that way.

The first essential is that there is an entry in the Musicbrainz database, but if all your music is tagged succesfully by Picard this is probably already the case. But the artwork comes from the other places, and there is plenty of missing entries in those. The AudioDB TADB might be the easiest place to start if you have never contributed to the music community before.
whats weird is that its not just the fanart thats missing, the only thing thats correct are the tags from musicbrainz, theres no info about the artist
Not weird, Universal scraper uses Musicbrainz to identify the artist, and can be configured to fetch some info from there, but much of the other data and art comes from the other sources. It all depends on how you have configured the default settings (that get applied to all scraping).  Go to the addon and have a look at the Universal Artist Scraper settings and how you can change them

Sorry I was not specific enough before, you seemed most interested in art.

EDIT: Also note how much artist or album information you see depends on the skin you use. Estuary does not show all the data available on the artist/album info dialog (Confluenece shows more, as do other skins I'm sure).
i found info on a artist that musicbranz doesnt have and i have an account there, though i dont know how to update his bio
Another possibility is to use addon Artist Slideshow and a compatible skin (mods exist for Estuary and Confluence).  Artist Slideshow can get bio, similar artists, fanart, and discography.  It seems to get a little bit different results than scrapers, though I've never attempted to prove that.

scott s.