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Full Version: how to: run Kodi in a Docker container with audio and video
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(2020-11-12, 20:08)k2eric Wrote: [ -> ] 
FWIW I have a systemd unit, /etc/systemd/system/docker-kodi.service, that keeps Kodi alive. If I reboot or turn of Kodi via the power menu, it will come right back up. Hopefully that will be useful?

Can I ask, as I see you also use ALSA for audio, what your audio setup is?
I'm having an issue, with 5.1 audio over HDMI, where my center and LFE channels are swapped.
It seems like the kodi-docker container goes straight for the hardware output and bypasses any remapping I've attempted with asound.conf, but I have this issue running Kodi as standard also so I'm just wondering if you have encountered similar?
I think I could fix it with pulseaudio but I'd rather not have the extra layer if its not necessary.


I wanted to ask you if it is possible to have LibreElec in your docker
[font][font]please can you explain how to install it?

i didn't understand how to with proxmox[/font][/font]
Did you ever resolve this? I too would like to be able to trigger a display output and swap containers between displays.
Does this still work?

I installed x11docker and that seems okay, at least at the most basic level. Then I try to do --build to build the image:

~$ x11docker --build erichough/kodi
x11docker note: Download of https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mviere...Dockerfile

  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100    14  100    14    0     0     90      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--    91
x11docker note: Building x11docker/erichough/kodi

/usr/bin/x11docker: line 1347: build: command not found

x11docker ERROR: Option --build: Building image 'x11docker/erichough/kodi' failed.

  Type 'x11docker --help' for usage information
  Debug options: '--verbose' (full log) or '--debug' (log excerpt).
  Logfile will be: /home/play/.cache/x11docker/x11docker.log
  Please report issues at https://github.com/mviereck/x11docker

Edit: it looks like it's 404-ing on the docker file.
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