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Full Version: [Win] Google Chrome (or any other program) launcher
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Finally had some time to make this public as I have permission from teeedubb (it's based upon Hyperspin Launcher) since november 30 2017  Oo .
Anyway, I 'created' a simple addon which closes Kodi, launches Google Chrome (incognito) and when you close Google Chrome, it will launch Kodi again.

You can download it from here: https://github.com/marcelmah/googlechrom...i/releases

As the title of this post suggests... by default it will launch Google Chrome in incognito mode, but you can change it to start any program by editing gclauncher.bat to whatever you want.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it...
i use chrome launcer 1.2.0 (also tryed 1.1.5) and have a strange problem
i accidentley turned on the "use custom chrome/script path" option and right away off again
the thing is every time chrome starts, it want to go to the script path
i have tryed:
- reinstalling
- revert back to 1.5.0
- removing  an installing again
- removing, deleting folders and files  and installing again
how can i fix it?

skip it, got it working