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(2019-02-02, 23:53)mardukL Wrote: [ -> ]4. ClearArt should be still avail, but no longer top right of window...
- default OSD :  top right of OSD Panel ,if INFO Settin is enabled (last button on right "I" toggles info on/off)
- slim OSd : top right of OSD Panel ,if INFO Settin is enabled (last button on right "I" toggles info on/off)
- Netflix OSD : unhappy position atm, its centerd above progress bar 
That sort of makes "Slim OSD" useless, as it's the same size as the default when "Info" is enabled.  But, it's not broken like I thought, so no big deal.

Once OSMC rolls out Leia, I'll see if I can implement some of the things I mentioned.  I had tweaked Titan a bit, but never rolled out the changes anywhere, and this skin is much better.  I just don't want to work on Krypton when it's now basically end-of-life.
Thanks first for this beautiful skin kodi can not imagine me without him. But still I have a big problem with the pvr received but only with Kodi 18, because I get no progress bar displayed no end time and no total playing time. A progress bar I get only when I pause my show then the recording buffer is displayed there. I use Tvheadend to watch TV. Normal video playback works without problems. Is there already a solution for this problem, since it works on the standard skin of kodi synonymous, because I do not want to use?



PS: mardukL you could if necessary, since I have read that you personally no PVR uses a test access to my TVheadend server to make available so that you can reproduce the problem better. (Fals desired write a PM)
@mardukL I received new update, thanks.
Please provide an option to disable slidemenu on the homescreen. Every time I get update I am replacing the IncludesHomeVertical.xml file to restore it old look.
Please do something for this in your next free time.
Thanks again for your great mod.
Is the latest update 18.1.11 removed?
(2019-02-04, 15:44)zeeya Wrote: [ -> ]Is the latest update 18.1.11 removed?

yepp, was a failure yesterday evening.

strange that it found way up to repo, as i stopped push it to it.

something was corrupt , so i revert back.
but there wasnt any major change.
(2019-02-03, 22:43)mardukL Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-02-03, 19:10)louisefindlay23 Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a way to disable the continue watching view when you press up on one of the widgets in Netflix bingie mode? Also how do you change the colour of the media codec icons (currently gold) on the home view?

i dont on the issue with "continue watching"?!
did you mean the spotlight widget (which also show the "play" button?

for changing rating colors for netflix layouts use
color settings -> netflix library views colors -

Thanks, I missed that option in the Netflix colours. I meant when the spotlight widget pushes the widget rows down, covers 2/3rds screen in fanart and shows the more info button. I want to remove that without disabling the spotlight widget completely.
I updated it on one of my device, when I tried to update another it gave me error, so I asked.
(2019-02-04, 15:51)zeeya Wrote: [ -> ]I updated it on one of my device, when I tried to update another it gave me error, so I asked.
 v18.1.11 isnt avail anymore via kodi update, as it was corrupted.
(the only change was "sidepanel option bar" visability correction, if you want that again you can install it manualy as i repack and left it, for personal reasons

I need to do some more things....
Thank you for all the support.
Thank you for the awesome work.
I can't seem to enable to enable titles on home screen widgets. What am I missing?
Thanks for the great mod and picking up development of this amazing skin.  Several things I noticed while playing around:
1. RetroPlayer, games work fine but I can no longer access the in-game settings using Select-X combo.  I just switched over to 18 so I don't know if this is a common issue in most skins.  Estuary of course works fine.
2. In Enhanced All-in-One mode is there a way to make sure the spotlight widget poster icon does not change when navigating the menu and submenu?  Example; the spotlight has Movie A and my movie section image uses a random movie, call it Movie B.  When navigating and landing on movies you end up with Movie B's poster with Movie A's fanart and info in the spotlight.  Is there a setting I forgot to change?
3. I created a widget for Twitch live channels and for some odd reason there is a large gap in the widget before it shows the first live stream.  Not sure if that is a Twitch issue or Titan Mod but curious if anyone else has come across this issue?
Can anybiody tell me whats the diferencie between this one and the bingie skin? Which i should install

I am still having a problem with views.  Titan automatically reverts back to list view on its own. It happens several times when scrolling or entering a section. I can set it to say Netflix viewtype and later it will return to list. After deleting Kodi and starting over the problem has returned. Is this a Kodi issue or skin issue? I have my library and only kodi addons. Artwork Beef, Chrome launcher, Advanced Emulator Launcher are the main addons.  Could one of these be the problem? Has someone had this issue or know a fix?
Windows 10 htpc, Kodi Krypton.
Any chance of enabling the Spotlight widget to be selected? Every time it updates, I manually change it to [banned add-on] Next Up - but would be easier if there was a choice Smile

Also, I change [UPPERCASE]$INFO[ListItem.Title][/UPPERCASE] in View_523_Netflix to [UPPERCASE]$VAR[mediatitle][/UPPERCASE] 

I know it's an easy shortcut (I could use different ListItems for different Container.Content types etc), but it's the easiest way I can get a title to appear for a TV Show which otherwise doesn't show within [banned add-on].(it's only TV Shows there it doesn't appear for as far as I can see). I figure the variable is there and working, I might as well use it. Every other view seems to use it as the title lable too - so can't see why Netflix view should be any different.

Would submit to the github, but I know my suggestions are a little crude and shortcut-y.
(2019-02-07, 07:14)XtreMaster Wrote: [ -> ]Can anybiody tell me whats the diferencie between this one and the bingie skin? Which i should install
 Install them, try them, make a decision.