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Full Version: Wondering if i can add to the official database of kodi
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So i have finished making .ifo files for kodi on startrack voyager season 1 to season 7 (168 Episodes,  and a full plot, and cast in every episode.... even artwork), is there any way to submit them to kodi's database? I'm new less then 10 min on this site.
Hello @StartKilling

Kodi does not keep a database of tv shows or movies. All that information comes from 3rd party sites and Kodi uses "scrapers" to download that information to your library. The default scrapers are...

TheMovieDB for Movies... https://www.themoviedb.org/
TheTVDB.com for TV Shows... http://thetvdb.com/

I doubt you could even offer your nfo files to those sites, as they will have nowhere to put them.

Have you looked at those sites? I hate to see you go to such effort when all that information is already freely available, and can be converted into nfo files in seconds.