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Full Version: Fanart.tv Scraping is Unreliable
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Yep, Fanart.tv api is junk. Doesn't scrap artwork half the time and if it does, it is very very slow grabbing artwork, almost 56k speeds. I usually have to go directly to fanart.tv website to grab artwork as it's way faster then using the plugin included in TMM. The rest of the scraping options are fast. It's just fanart.tv that's the problem and is where i like to pull my artwork from when it works right but sadly it's not reliable at all. I do have a api key also but still just headaches. Oh well can't complain much since it's free, right? Good day.
Fanart.tv has worked extraordinary well for the past years - so we all should say a big "thank you" instead of blaming them for their success.

However, since a few days we are also seeing more reports of network issues, timeouts etc.
And due to that, we also found an issue in our implementation, to better detect such network failures, and room to improve the behaviour a bit.

Meanwhile, you could support fanart.tv and become a VIP member, to get faster API responses.
They're serving 100TBs/mo for free for guys like you...
Yea i'm not blaming anyone and i am VIP which is what makes it even more frustrating.  I should have been more detailed in my post. Oh well, i'm only human. Sorry you think i'm a freeloader or something. Good day.....................
(2018-04-13, 22:33)myron Wrote: [ -> ]However, since a few days we are also seeing more reports of network issues, timeouts etc.
The download from their website works normally here, just within TMM it's very slow or doesn't load some pictures at all.
downloading via tmm is done by their API server (which is a different server than the webpage)..
the problem is at 100% on their side :/