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Full Version: Xbox one X kodi transfer not copying over addons and programs!
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I installed kodi onto my xbox one S and it runs great, but now I've bought a new xbox one x and tried to copy all games and apps to an external hard drive, including Kodi, and successfully copied everything to the xbox one x.  

Unfortunately, when I started up Kodi, it ran fine, but all of my add-ons and programs are gone!!!

Do you have any idea how to get all my addons and programs and data from the old xbox one s system copied or backed up so I can restore everything onto my new xbox one x without having to spend literally days of time reinstalling everything manuallyHuh

I need a solution to this ASAP!

I also used a backup app downloaded from the kodi repository, however after installed and configured and run, it reported an error and stated to view the event log error, but nothing was listed there, so I have no solution, and need one desperately, if anyone can help me!?!?!
Can you perhaps start your topic titles with a bit less insanity?
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ok, sorry, i did post it in other areas, before I saw your warnings, because I didn't know which one would be the best for it to be posted in.

Which one is the best to be posted intoHuh
also, do you have any idea of a solution?  Backup app isn't working, and I'm desperate for a solution!
You’ve not stated exactly what you’ve done just a rather general statement that you’ve copy config across to the xbox x without saying what you did step by step.
Not sure how you can be so desperate either when presumably you still have a fully working xbox s.
Because I already have a sale for the Xbox one S, so I need to get the data from it immediately, so I can give it to them ASAP
1.  I used an external drive to copy all programs and games from the currently functional original fully working xbox one s, including kodi
2.  I copied all games and apps, including Kodi to the new xbox one X
3.  I launched Kodi on the new xbox one x, it ran fine, but all data, addons and programs did not copy over at all, it's a blank install of kodi
4.  I downloaded from the kodi repository a program called backup.  I configured it for backup to an external USB that was recognized.
5.  When I ran the backup program, it didn't backup anything on the xbox one s, just gave an error stating to view the event log
6.  When i looked in the event log viewer, nothing was shown about the failure

Can you help me now to find a way to transfer the settings addons and programs over to the new xbox?
You’ve still not said what method you used to do the copy? Best way is to copy the Userdata to a network drive as this is the location all databases and addons are located, see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=326231
I used an external Hard drive and used the copy option in the system menu of the xbox system to copy all games and apps on the xbox to the external drive.  

Then I copied it back using the same method to the new xbox.  The kodi runs fine, just no data, all empty!

As per my PM to you, this is your First Warning.

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so I have added the access as described to the localstate folder, and see the userdata folder, but see no way to copy it to anywhere, there's no copy context menu selection...  How can I select the folder and copy it to an external drive?
Warning for whatHuhHuhHuh??
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