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Full Version: Music playback false start / splat at beginning of tracks (LibreElec, Wetek Play2)
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Apologies if this is not the right place to post this.  I have trawled for ages and cannot find any posts on this subject on any forums; Kodi, Librelec or Wetek.

When I play a music file on Kodi from my library I hear a very short audio "splat" before proper playback commences.  This splat is actually the first quarter of a second or so of the track played on it's own before the track starts over again and plays properly.  It's a "false start".

I am running Kodi v17.6 under the latest LibreElec version (v8.2.5)​ on a Wetek Play2 device
It happens when playing back files from local drive locations as well as networked ones.
I have tried all manner of audio (and video) setting changes in Kodi, to no avail.
It is heard on the optical and HDMI audio outputs (feeding different audio amplifiers).

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any expert guidance would be really appreciated.

Many thanks!

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