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Full Version: Kodi Wiki v1.30.0- Report Wiki issues here
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The Kodi wiki was today updated to the latest version- 1.30.0.

We were using version 1.19.x and a lot of code has changed with the new version.

If you notice any glitches or issues, please report them in this thread.
Summary of reports

The following is a summary of the bug reports from this and other threads.

Do not post a problem if it is already listed here

Note: When using the default skin Vector, most issues reported below are no longer a problem. The items in Resolved Issues reflects the use of the default skin Vector, but may still be an issue if using one of the other available skins (Metrolook & Foreground).

We recommend using the default skin.

If you post an issue in this thread, and would like it included in this list, then provide a statement of the problem in 20 words or less.

Current Issues
  1. New Account page- Is it possible to remove the 50 word minimum requirement?
  2. New Account page- Is it possible to remove the *Other Information* section which asks for Resume?
  3. Google Search still broken. Requires new Google API (post #4)
  4. Pages load as raw text first, then update to wiki format. (post #11)
  5. <syntaxhighlight> not working. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension...stallation


Plug-ins/Mods to investigate

Resolved Issues- Using Vector skin
  1. Image Map Extension- https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ImageMap
  2. The search box previously showed suggestions for wiki pages as you typed into it based on your inputs. This no longer happens in the new version and you have to enter everything and then go through the search results.
  3. Left side menu disappears when browser width is reduced
  4. Clicking section links in the Table of Contents do not always work. (post #14)
  5. Expandable boxes are expanded by default (post #14)
  6. Search box vanishes or is displaced on smaller screens. (post #5)
  7. Using the new Metrolook skin, you can no longer hyperlink to sections on wiki pages. (post #10)
  8. Left Menu to be rectified
ImageMap is enabled now.
Looks like Google search is (still) broken...

Search box vanishes or is displaced on smaller screens.
Totally off-topic post about PBS ThinkTV split off to here.
With the "Metrolook" skin, touch-screen scrolling breaks
Tested with chrome on both linux and windows.

Going back to the "Vector" fixes it
Hi Folks

Small spelling error on the english language page on the table for pulse audio: reads PusleAudio not PulseAudio

PulseAudio (wiki)

Thanks, fixed
Using the new Metrolook skin, you can no longer hyperlink to sections on wiki pages.

For example if I wanted to direct a member to a particular section, say Parsing NFO on the NFO Files wiki page, I could just paste this ... https://kodi.wiki/view/NFO_files#Parsing_nfo Now it jumps to the top of the page
Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I get these annoying jumps when loading wiki pages

Image 1- Click link to NFO Files
Image 2- Page loads in just raw text
Image 3- Page reloads into normal wiki format

Happens with most pages I visit



This page is virtually unusable since the update.
- internal links in the Contents no longer work, just take you to top of page.
this is related to issue #6 in the second post, but not exactly the same.
- previously you could show/hide the JSON schema definition for a given item.
Now all items are expanded.
Coupled with lack of internal links this makes scrolling through the page a nightmare.

I should have said that this is with Firefox on Windows 10.