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Full Version: Kodi -ADE Scrapper pulling the back cover not the front cover
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Just wanted to report an issue with the scrapper.  It's pulling the back cover for artwork, not the front cover.  TIA.
Your post does not make sense. Back cover of what? Provide a screenshot and link to the movie or tv show.
Does the scraper work INSIDE Kodi correct?
We just try to execute it, we do not have the chance to correct it...
Karellen— dvd box cover art has a front and back. The scraper is pulling the back. Material isn’t appropriate for the forum so I won’t be posting a pic.

Myron— yes, inside Kodi the scraper fills the dvd box cover appropriately.
Well, i see the problem :|
We simply did not yet implement the image download at all for the Kodi scraper plugins!
(It did not fit easily into our old structures... and has been forgotten to some point)

Why you even got some images... might be the result of other scrapers like TMDB... (when your movie has scraped some IDs already)

I pushed a change and you might want to try latest nightly... 
Untick "automatically image download", so you can choose what to use.
(Dunno what we get from scraper)