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Full Version: CD Artwork and Artist Logo's
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@Karellen  Yes i figured it out, well i did have some more folders because all music albums that have more then 1 artist, say for example, tour of duty gold album, i mp3 tagged all the artist names to: various artists. So when ever i wanted to play a mixed compilation album, i would go to artist  "various artists"  and there would be the compilation albums. I do this also with music albums for my kids. This is, because i mainly have artists with albums from that artist, only like a few compilations. I did this, because i did not liked the way the library presented me with artists that had only one song in it from an album. I also view the library with a smartlist showing the artists, so then all artists are shown, i did not know any other way to get behind this. But it still works, i do not mind to have the song  wild thing that is played by various artists instead of wild thing played by the troggs. It is probably the only song i have from the troggs, so otherwise i would have an artist named the troggs with only one song, then the library would be too big. I have 293 artists, probably would be way more if i did not use the various artists thing i just described.

But it works, so i'm happy. Hopefully the music part would be as great as the video part one day. Like banners logos and viewtypes :-) all the flashy stuff.
@scott967  Yes it is a very handy feature. Thanks for telling me about the new feature in 18.2. I still have some trouble with leia's video stuff, but for the music it is great.
That is what setting 4.2 is for.... https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Media/Mu...um_artists

It shows only the album artists, and not all artists.
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