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Full Version: Save all the images in one separate folder
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I want to save all the images (jpg, png, Posters, fanart) in one separate Folder.
The Field "Enable Image cache" has been set, but the Images has been saved in the movie Folder.
What are the correct Settings ?
Best regards
There are no options to store fanart/posters/etc in a different or separate location, other than the video's own location.
Frankly, I also do not see any advantage of saving every of those images in a single folder.

You could do an Video Library Export every now and then, and use the Single file option.
But the original copies of the images will not be moved.
Thank you very much.
The reason I want to do this, ist the fact, that all of my 2500 movies/series are stored on a synology NAS.
I'm looking for a possibility to create a cataloque with all my movies/series in MS Excel, stores on a PC; the synology App DS Video cant do this.
By I dont want, that my movie folders on the NAS will be filled with images.
Best regards
but that's the way kodi, plex, media portal, tmm and other tools work.. Otherwise you won't have any chance to attach/find the right image to the desired movie.
and this won't be changed in the future