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Full Version: TMM 2.9.9 KODI scan freeze after tagging mew media
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I just updated to TMM 2.9.9, After tagging a large new show, KODI would freeze completely and not respond to UI inputs. I researched and tried many different "fixes" to no avail.  The fix that worked was to delete all TMM written .nfo files from the newly added media and let KODI do the lifting.  I didn't see anything in the logs that stood out to me when I looked at them with the log viewer app.  Just FYI to see if there is a problem with how the new version parses or writes the .nfo files.  Love the application. 

INFO  KODI 16.1 on T95PRO 8 core 2GB ram android 6.0.1 box, Media stored on 2 WD EX2 Ultras, Running database as MySQL 5.1.56 on one of the WD EX2 Ultras with phpMyAdmin 3.5.1, Gigabit networking throughout media setup.
Nothing changed in NFO writer for a couple of month in TMM.

Although your Kodi instance is a bit dated, there should be no such problem.
A Kodi debug log would be nice, to get a clue, where it hangs (or on which NFO).
If you could supply that NFO to us... we can have a look...
I appreciate the offer, but Kodi has been restarted 4 times since I performed the .nfo file delete and rescan. I tried to get to the logs during the failure, but as i mentioned the UI was completely frozen. I did try to wait it out, but after 8 hours during the day it had still not started to respond. A normal rescan for my system takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Library size 189 shows, 19934 episodes, 2175 movies, ~32000 music tracks. The show addition was 458 animation shorts, I had not updated TMM for over a year before this addition and never had this type of issue before. If I run into any more issues I will get the log and paste it as I now have the uploader installed.

Thanks for the quick response.