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Full Version: Increase number of 'Recently Added' items shown on the HOME SCREEN?
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I am using Kodi 17 with the Estuary skin.
I have been trying to increase the number of items (thumbnails) shown as recently added movies and albums on the home screen.  (It appears to be 15 by default).

I have found a number of posts relating to this topic which describe adding lines to 'advancedsettings.xml' but while these do increase the number of items shown on the sub-menus within Movies and Music, they do not change the number of items seen directly on the home screen.
I have randomly looked through a number of the xml files for the Estuary skin, but I can't spot anything that looks relevant...

Thank you.
That default number of 15 is set in a playlist (at least for movies), so unfortunately looking through the xml files wasn't going to help you.  In the same directory you found that xml directory there is another one called playlists.  Look for the ones starting with "recent."  I'm pretty sure if you edit the playlist total count and restart Kodi that you should see more movies.  I think more episodes is a two set process.  You need to set the playlist to a higher limit and change WidgetListSquare (see below).

The albums are set with a node that don't have a built in limit.  It looks like that limit is set in the WidgetListSquare widget.  Look in Includes_Home.xml and search for include name="WidgetListSquare".  In there is a limit option.  Note that this will change the limit for anything that uses WidgetListSquare, not just recently added albums.
yeah i wish it was higher too i asked ages ago but nothing happend 15 is the default for everything it lists i want in progress tv shows to be more then 15 (atleast 20-25)
Yup pkscout  is 100% correct, just open recent_unwatched_movies and change:
<limit>15</limit> to what ever you want the number to be.. will take you two seconds.. change the limit to them all if you like

Here is a rar with all the playlists changed to 50 instead of 15..if you want:
Thank you both for this.

I have changed the limits in the playlists folder (using the updates from ShadowTek).  That in itself did not change the number of thumbnails shown under 'recently added movies' or albums on the main menu. but when I edited Includes_Home.xml and increased the 'widget_limit' within 'widgetListSquare' from 15 to 40 (from pkscout) and restarted - success - the number of albums displayed increased as hoped.

The number of 'recently added movies' displayed did not increase though, so that limit must be set somewhere else...
Found it.
Inside 'Includes_Home.xml' there is a definition for 'widgetListPoster' (around line 65 or so) and below that is the line -
<content sortby="$PARAM[sortby]" sortorder="$PARAM[sortorder]" target="$PARAM[widget_target]" limit="15">$PARAM[content_path]</content>
and you can change the limit from 15 here to display more Movies.