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Full Version: Cannot browse FTPS video sources
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Hi, and thanks for the great app!

I have an issue when trying to browse the contents of an FTPS (FTP over TLS) video source.

This may be because of the awkward URL that must be configured to use FTPS in kodi. For example: ftp://admin:[email protected]/Videos|auth=TLS (note the strange suffix, as described here: 2683183 (post) )

To be precise, the top level directories of the FTPS server are shown in Kore, but I cannot browse their contents. Kore just shows a Toast saying "invalid params".

The same issue is present with Yatse and Music Pump Kodi Remote, so it may be actually an issue with Kodi,, although, of course, I can browse the FTPS server directly in Kodi just fine.