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Full Version: When playing music from the FILE menu, I can not see the FANART in KODI 18
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In Confluence fanart is present. Odd button is not active as well as in Estuary.  In version 0115 the same shell, but the button is active. After updating to -0510, the button becomes inactive. I can not press it with the mouse or the remote control or the keyboard. On the video, the button seems to be active, it's a trick of sight.
Right fanart in fileview works - happy you and happy me Smile

I suspect that whatever adds the "Youtube search" button is upsetting things on the song info dialog. Do you see a "Youtube search" button on the song info dialog with Confluence (screenshot please)?

Do you have any addons installed that could be related to such a button?
On the other hand, the Youtube search button does not affect the health of other buttons in build 0115.

I installed update 0510 on a clean system (LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.2.5), added a music folder to the library, eventually got what I had before. The Album information button is not active.

Sorry, but I am unable to reproduce this Song Information dialog button issue you have with #0510
(2018-05-11, 20:23)aleksobs Wrote: [ -> ]Image
This looks like it is a non-library item (no play button, album info disabled), but I will believe you have added it to the library.

Can you try Confluence please with that build and post a screenshot of the Song Info dialog, viewed for a library song from fileview.
Ok! I tried it. The button is not active, it is dimmed in @0510.

Video 1 @0115
Video 2 @0510
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