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Full Version: TVDB switched over
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Seems like tvdb switched to its new API can’t scrape at all withTMM. Any ideas?

@Karellen- Removed. C'mon, lets keep it dignified and mature.
Sorry, but you all know what I am saying yes?

Anyhoo any ideas on how to fix this?
Any actual input @Karellen?
I think mlaggner and myron were holding off on updating to API v2 until TVDB announced the changeover.... obviously TVDB announced nothing, so there may be a bit of scrambling to update things over the next few days.

I just realised these last few minutes they have switched over to the new v2 Website, but I can't login... New site, same service Wink

Might just have to scrape with Kodi until things are fixed. Use the Export function to create your NFO Files if you need them
Yep as I said and you deleted. Lol. I can literally create a entire new thread on how and why they are not good.

I digress. Thanks for replying!
we've not switched to the new API because the tvdb team could not address the given issues for months...
If they have switched off the old API we need to switch over, but some feature (which worked with API v1) will not work any more..
What features won’t work? God they are really terrible over there aren’t they?
can't remember and can't access the forums at the moment - but there were at least two things which did not work in API v2 compared to API v1.. 
and IIRC the creator of filebot also posted an issue which also affects tmm Sad
okay found the issues:

a) https://forums.thetvdb.com/viewtopic.php...130#p99191
b) https://forums.thetvdb.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=36772

as you see these posts are about a year old - but nothing has been done at tvdb (and a full implementation of api v2 has been done 9 months ago, but I won't switch to v2 until these issues has been fixed or api v1 is shut down.. see https://github.com/tinyMediaManager/scra...etvdb-api2)

I hope you understand that we won't ship a less working implementation if there is no need to..
I completely aggre, my bad for thinking they switched it off. Not like they update on it or stay true to what they say. You TMM guys are great! Best manager by far!

Thank you
I've also just noticed I can't scrape from TVDB, but for me it's saying that the ability to do so is now only available via the donator version. Is this a new change, or related to the bug being discussed here?
Make sure you are using the latest version of TMM- 2.9.11
I have the latest version, took a screenshot of both the message stating tvdb is restricted to donators, and another showing I have the latest version. https://imgur.com/a/LdMDxUx 

If I should make a new thread about this I can.
Wrong one. See my image.

Scroll down your list to the bottom and select the other TVDB with the tick in the box.

same for me as for Daemonax.

I can't scroll down any further. It just doesn't show the TVDB entry.
Previously this was my default. Now it's completely gone.

I do also have TMM- 2.9.11

That's strange, but after another re-start of the App it shows the TVDB entry again :-S
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