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Full Version: CD Singles Based on Path?
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I'm having major difficulties using CD singles they way I'd like to. I want to Kodi to handle CD singles the same way it handles albums, but list them under a separate node and exclude CD singles from items like 'Recently Added Albums' (but also have a 'Recently Added Singles'/ 'Random Singles' etc.). 

I know Kodi handles singles based on the missing Album tag, but I want to have them displayed just like albums are. Is it possible to do any of this using the Path? For example, I am currently using the following:


Sorry if this makes no sense, but I've spent hours trying to do this using custom nodes but cant get it as I want it (I have over 300 CD singles). I'm testing this on a Windows install, but my main kodi machines are Nvidia Sheild TV's.


Can you clarify what exactly you mean by handling them in a similar way to albums?

My assumption would be that CD singles contain multiple tracks, so they are not single as in single tracks, so I would guess you want to show the CD single name in the library which when you press shows all the tracks for that CD single.

So what is it you want?

Assuming the above is correct then you'll likely have to show the Album tag to group them then then duplicate the album nodes as cd single nodes then as you implied add a rule to include/exclude based on the path.

Yeah, thats what I'm looking for. I've tried duplicating the Albums node but I cant find any way to exclude/include based on path (the path just points to Musicdb).


Have you read https://kodi.wiki/view/Video_nodes and https://kodi.wiki/view/Music_nodes

The video nodes page gives some path examples.

There's also examples at https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=257378
Thanks, I'll have a look at the links and have another go.
Yep nodes should do what you want, just put the singles in a separate folder and use the PATH node filter.