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Full Version: Splited movies\episodes by url
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Hi there. I'm trying to make 'My First Video Add-on' for kodi, just a catalogue for a site with anime. But I'm facing a problem: every episode or movie on the site just splited on small pieces in depends of video size. Is there any chance to bring those pieces up to condition like an entire episode or movie? This is important because episodes is accompanied by a subtitles file, and every episode have to have single timeline for all pieces.
Thank for answers.
Sorry for my English.
You would need to write an InputStream Addon that can combine those pieces
It sound interesting, but can you tell me just a little bit more about it? I'm still bad at kodi development (and development at all). So i hope you can show me right direction. It might to be a link to an article, or something else which could help me understand more about what you exactly meaning.
Thank you!
Okay, I did some research and found out that InputStream couldn't help me to solve this problem, because those links not in mpeg dash format. It's just some direct links to mp4 video.
@HarryFox don't mix the InputStream interface Fernet was mentioning with the add-on "inputstream.adaptive" that handles Dash. "Inputstream.Adaptive" is just an add-on that is making use of the inputstream interface of VideoPlayer. For your case, you'd have to write your own add-on that uses the Inputstream interface and handles the file merging so that Kodi can properly play them without interruption etc. So you could use Inputstream.Adaptive as reference, but instead of parsing and stiching DASH streams, implement your own logic.
Thanks a lot!