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Full Version: Kodi18 - Addon status blank
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I have been running the alpha’s for a while. Lately (dont know which version it started) there’s no longer any status shown for addons/depenencies to show something is installed.

Could the status of addons be brought back? I thought it was really convenient.

Thread moved to feature request, although it may be OS dependent (but as we don't know which...?)
Seen on Windows and LE/CE.
I am not considering this a feature request, tbh.

Maybe it is overlooked when something broke it.
I believe it is a bug in Estuary, or maybe core change and Estuary doesn't work the same way.  Namely, there is a variable in Estuary AddonsListIconVar that is intended to show an icon depicting the status of an addon in the addonbrowser window addons container.  The problem is the VAR picks the desired icon based on some booleans that don't seem to be working,
as a result the VAR always returns the OverlayWatched.png icon (square box).

Should be moved to Skin support / Estuary subforum.

scott s.
Thanks for your input @scott967.
Hope it gets picked up.

Could @DarrenHill or another mod move this to estuary skin supp.?


@Atreyu - of course, done.
Reported to be fixed in core by this: PR#13875
was merged 10 May should show up in tomorrow's nightlies.

scott s.
Thanks to all Nod