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Full Version: Recent files not visible anymore
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Hello all,

I have been using Kodi for quite a long time now but since a couple of days, I'm facing an issue that I have not been able to solve.

My setup is the following:
Videoprojector XGIMI with Android
Kodi version 17.6
Reading files on a NAS through SMB

When I access my NAS, I don't see the latest files I have copied, it's like I'm constantly seeing an old image of my NAS. I can perfectly see and access those files from other programs like Archos video player but with Kodi it doesn't work anymore while it has been working for years without any issue.

What I have done so far:
- uninstalled / reinstalled
- clean data
- upgraded to 17.6 (I was using 17.5 before that)
- updated manually my library

There must be some form of cache somewhere because even if I completely delete the application and reinstall it, I still don't see my most recent files on my NAS.

Do you have any idea of what I could do ?

Kodi reads directly from its database, local or remote, or from its sources. There is no caching involved there. (Unless you are using some odd version of UPnP server)

Perhaps your video listing setting is set to "Watched" or "Unwatched", making the video listing hide certain videos.
Hi Klojum,

do you know where this database is located or if I could empty it ? I'm not using Upnp, only SMB.

I'm not using the watched filter and the ones that are hidden are movies I haven't seen yet so I don't know what's going wrong.

Some progress...i switched back to an older version of google play services and all files magically re-appeared but now the problem is back again, I don't see all the files Sad