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Full Version: Movies randomly crashing
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Hi All, I have been struggling with my movies crashing on Kodi. Playing through a nexus player. I turned on debugging and finally captured one of the random crashes. Can anyone help point me to what might be causing this issue?

Log here: omofazojiy (paste)

I believe the crash occurred around line 1727....
What do you mean by "Movies crashing?" Do you mean the movie just suddenly stops or do you mean Kodi crashes?

If you mean the first one, then it looks like a normal Stop command.

If you mean Kodi crashes, then did you upload the correct log? The log shows you using the Kodi LogUploader to post the log which you can't do if Kodi crashed.

Line 1727 is the Screensaver activation. Do you think the screensaver is causing a problem?
Thanks for responding and to clarify, Kodi is not crashing. I will be watching a movie and then all of the sudden it boots me out to the movies or tv shows main menu. It acts like I pressed a stop key but my remote is no where in sight.

Edit: Do you see any issues prior to the screensaver kicking on? I will try disabling my screensaver for now.
Ran into another random crash today. pigayetaya (paste)

Best guess is that it occured around 1140 before I started pressing buttons on the keybad.