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Full Version: Recent Channels?
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Howdy.  I just upgraded to v17.6 - Estuary is a bit too flat and busy for me, but my wife really liked the 'Recent Channels' display on the home screen.

I prefer Mimic - very clean and easy to read across the room.  However, I'm hearing nagging about the whole 'recent channels' thing -- she wants to see a list of last- or recently-watched, and I can't seem to find a widget or addon for this; the sideblade filter is pretty much random.

Thanks in advance!
Figured it out -- just added a new group 'Favorite Channels' and boom, happy wife happy life (never discount the WAF/GAF)
But the question remains Smile Is there a way to add recent channels?
(2018-07-01, 00:27)agiefrh46 Wrote: [ -> ]But the question remains Smile Is there a way to add recent channels?
 Not sure if you've figured this out but for reference to any users,  using these settings for main menu under LiveTV entry (works the same for Radio). They have to be defined as TV Channels (or Radio Channels) in PVR backend


Gives this on the home page, which is a list of recent channels and what they are currently showing