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Full Version: Proper way to flatten season for date based shows.
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Is there a way to flatten date based tv shows? I've tried using season fole such as "Season 01". I've tried using "2017" as the season folder even tried without season folder.

basically right now it looks like this:

Show Name
    |-------------- Season 01
                           |-------------- Name 2017-02-07
                                                    |----- Files
                           |-------------- Name 2107-02-10
                                                    |------ Files

The show appears with Season -1. When i have faltten "If only one season". Nothing happens i still see season -1. If I change it to Always then it flattens.
But I don't want it to always flatten. What is the proper way to handle Date based tv shows? I basically want all date based shows to be flattened.
I don't want to pick a season for date based shows.