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Full Version: When we use PlexKodiConnect for Kodi, does Kodi download all the metadata locally?
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Hi, I'm just wondering if Kodi on Android will need storage to download all of the metadata (posters, thumbs, art, etc) when using PlexKodiConnect?

Thank you!
That is a question better asked on the Plex forum, specifically here https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/210023...ur-plex/p1

But if you use PKC all you data will be added to the Kodi library just as if you were to scape it with Kodi.
Using the standard PKC settings, yes they are cached. The cached images can reach a couple of GB. You can deactivate this behavior in the PKC settings under "Artwork". You might also want to deactivate "Download additional fanart" in the same settings section.