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Full Version: Android TV and android apk
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I have an nVidia Shield running Android TV. I tend to predominantly use Kodi which also has the option of running android apps within it. The main problem is that there are a few apps eg. 7plus which is an all-in-1 app containing versions for Android TV, and mobile android. When I launch the app from the default leanback launcher, it loads the Android TV version. However when I launch the app within Kodi, it seems to be the mobile android version which is not remote friendly.

As a workaround, I can use HALauncher and put the 7plus app within it, select the Android TV version, and launch this within Kodi.

Just wondering if there is any way I can get Kodi to pick the Android TV option for these app rather than the mobile version.

First, Android apps do not run "within" Kodi.  Kodi only acts as a launcher to open apps.

Second, we no longer have a Android maintainer, so any issues with Kodi on Android will be less likely to be fixed anytime soon.