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Full Version: Cant Connect to Media Portal
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Log:  https://pastebin.com/m6Bn7EUS

I suddenly cant connect to MediaPortal backend, my PVR manager just sits at 0%.  I have linked to my log.  Any suggestions?  I've tried the basic stuff like enabling/disabling, clearing data/guide cache.
Same problem with Windows 10 :  MediaPortal TVServer backend has been unreachable from any Kodi device, since the last update (april 2018) of Windows 10, despite deactivation/reactivation of PVR plugin in Kodi.

I'v tried to look a bit at the firewall settings of Windows 10, but no way to make it work again.

Anyone any usefull suggestion ?
Actually that's a good point, it stopped working right after I rebooted from the update.  I fixed the firewall but nothing changed.  Hopefully others will have some guidance.
I found that I updated my client PC, and had the problem. A second reboot and all was fine. Haven't updated my server yet, but all other clients on my network were connecting fine, which is how I realised it was the client rather than the server.
Im my case, clients and server have all been updated to last Windows 10 version, and rebooted several times. Since this update, clients (even Android ones) can't connect to MediaPortal tvserver.
Try turning the firewall off completely, just to test?
I did turn off all firewalls and malware software.  There was no difference.  The port is open and available.
Did anyone found a solution yet ?
I find that Kodi on Win10 doesn't start the plugin until I enter part of the TV interface (e.g. Recorded TV). It takes a while to connect, but it does get there in the end. Once it is connected, it is all fine.
In my case, Kodi on distant client devices (Windows or Android) still can't connect to MediaPortal TVServer.

Only the local installation of Kodi, installed on the same Windows machine than Mediaportal TVServer, have access to it.

This problem first occured since the April 2018 Windows 10 update... and no way to resolve it.

I should migrate so to NextPVR... despite its many bugs...
The MediaPortal client also doesn't connect to the TV server on a client Windows PC. This is not a Kodi problem. It is a Windows networking problem.

Have you had a look at the MediaPortal forums for possible reports and solutions?
The dedicated forums of MediaPortal reported the same problem since the April 2018 update of Windows 10, but none of the "solutions" proposed in these forums worked in my case :
- Deactivate Windows firewall : already done when the problem first occured -> not fix the problem ;
- Deactivate IPV6 protocol in the properties of net card : didn't solve the problem ;
- On MediaPortal TV Server setup program, in the "Streaming server" properties, uncheck "(auto)" in the "IP adress used [...]" and select manually the IP adress of the computer : didn't solve the problem neither...

No real solution yet, on any forum... so I'm gonna give up MediaPortal TV Server and go back to NextPVR.
I'm new to this forum, I'm a old MedaPortal user and wanted to give a try to KODI  Angel
First thing I can say: Kodi seems REALLY FAST to me - makes me Big Grin

In a first step, I'd like to use it with MediaPortal TV-Server but it seems I choose a bad time for this when I read the posts above Undecided
I do habe the same problem (Windows 10 - 1803) an the PVR doesn't start.

So my first question: has anyone found a solution to get running MP-PVR Client?

Second question (I hope this ist the right place to post): Is it possible to run 2 PVR Clients at the same time - for example: I'd like to use Simple IPTV Client AND Mediaportal PVR Client.

Thanks in advance
anyone? anything? Huh
Just leave the client PC running with Kodi. It will eventually connect, and then it just works.

I don't think this is something that can be resolved by Kodi or the plugin. It's a windows networking versus MediaPortal issue. I cannot connect to my server from a network client using the MediaPortal software as front end. If MediaPortal cannot connect, Kodi won't be able to either.
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