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Full Version: Audio Sync issue playing videos by LAN
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Hi, I have a Android TV player with kodi 17 installed. I share folders from my HP microserver gen 8 and get an audio sync problems with the shared videos. If I put the same video in a usb stick  Kodi play the video without issues and from internet the videos work fine only have the issue playing the videos by LAN. 

The LAN it's by ethernet cable, but in wifi i get the same problem.

My android TV it's a chinese player with android 7.0 1gb RAM and 8 GB ROM.

For solve this i stop the video 2 or 3 times and in the next play it works perfectly for all the videos that I play without power off the player. On next day i have the same issue for 2 or 3 first times that I try to play a LAN VIDEO
Debug Log or it never happened Wink