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Full Version: Option for skipping DVD menu got lost...?
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Please excuse my english, I hope everything sounds comprehensible, as I am not fluent...

I used to have mimic on Kodi on my raspberry, playing my Discs, which I store in ISO in my NAS. I always appreciated the option „Attempt to skip introduction before DVD menu“:


A few days ago, I switched to Amazon Fire TV, installed Kodi and then mimic, but unfortunately, I cant find this option anymore. Where its place was before, it is missing now and I cant find it anywhere else: 


I am missing this option a lot. Is there any chance, I can include this option or did I do anything wrong, that this option isnt available...?

I am very grateful for your help!

Best wishes from Berlin
Oh I found it, I had to switch from standard to advanced view, then the option will appear :-))