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Full Version: Still building but here is what I have
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I just recently moved into a house that I build and was fortunate enough to run all the wiring before sheetrock and the entire system is DIY. I have 2 42RU racks. Most if not all sources are connected to video and audio matrixes so all content is available anywhere.
Distributed sources available in all rooms are:
Xfinity X1 DVR (Wife’s)
Xfinity X1 client box (Mine)
Amazon FireTV #1
Amazon FireTV#2
AppleTV 3rd Gen
Mac Mini
Control4 HC800 for on screen navigator
Other video sources connected to a mono price hdmi switch so i don’t get latency issues compared to the above devices connected to the just add power video distribution system connected to the family room and basement theater which is in progress: Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, Raspberry Pi for retropie, HC250 for additional on screen navigator

Distributed Audio sources are:
Xfinity X1 DVR (Wife’s)
Xfinity X1 client box (Mine)
Amazon FireTV #1
Amazon FireTV#2
AppleTV 3rd Gen
Mac Mini
Family room TV audio output for smart functions Family room
AVR precut for overflowing content without lip-sync issues during a party
Chromecast audio1 (family room)
Chromecast audio2 (master bath)
Chromecast audio3 (outdoor)
HC800 Output1
HC800 Output2
HC250 Output1

Rooms are: Family which is 7.1 and the surround rear precut can overflow into the kitchen for seamless transition. kitchen can be split when needed since it is on the zone amp Master bedroom Downstairs Guest bedroom Kids bedroom Upper Deck outdoor (audio only) Lower deck outdoor (audio only) Master bath speakers along with a google home which are grouped to a chrome cast audio (audio only) Basement media room which is in progress 7.2.4 atmos. with 120” screenUsing a vera hub for zwave in wall dimmers, motion sensors, door sensors, mailbox sensors, washer and dryer energy meters. garage door integration, deadbolts. Extensive google assistant voice commands and my audio matrix has audio sensing capability so when the input goes hot i can programmatically turn a zone on to the chrome cast audio so a single voice command on a google home will turn a room onUPS, panamax power conditioners. Wattbox surge protectors with self healing outlets that reboot devices based on missed network pings

As far as Kodi goes it is pretty mellow and basic: Synology DS710+ with dual 4tb drives, nvidia shield for the family room as a dedicated player. because it is the only 4k display at the moment. Then Xbox one is shared to both family room and theater because range on the controllers works, 2 firetvs and a mac mini on the Just add power IP distribution available for all zones. Using control4 IP driver so handhelds and touch panels can control the devices and launch kodi when the device is selected and control4 touch panels and app can navigate library files.

HO-LY SMOKE! What a setup! Do you still have time for anything else?
Pro tip #1: Be rich AF, or rob an IT store. Big Grin
Bit overkill possibly, but i like the rack for sure.

How do you control the source switching of all that hardware?
@Klojum - or buy loads of cheap stuff from Amazon and Ebay!

@blumpkin - Now I have man envy with my little rack! No Rofl
(2018-06-18, 20:41)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]@Klojum - or buy loads of cheap stuff from Amazon and Ebay!
Buying from Amazon and Ebay turns out more expensive for me compared to the local shops.
I made my own wooden rack for pc's / servers and other computer stuff. A real server rack is preferable of course, but oh well...
That’s a really cool setup.

I got to do all wiring when i moved before floors and walls were fixed which is always a big advantage laying the groundwork, but i didn’t do nearly as good of a job with all other components. Looks awesome..!
Nice setup!