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Full Version: Transcoding media files
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With VideoPlayer making great progress towards headless Kodi, I was hoping if we could finally get started on merging transcoding of media files into Kodi. Work on this was done during GSOC 2015 here. Has there been any progress since? If not, I've got some free time, and would be willing to work on trying to get it into Kodi.

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As far as I know, there is no all-out focus on transcoding in Kodi at this time. So I'd say all help is welcome, and as you already know the Kodi code is available through Github. Smile
Checkout the work/code by mANm (Mark Muth) from 2015, but note I read somewhere that FFmpeg recently removed its own transcoding software (ffserver) so should probably try not to depend on that as a dependency.


Thanks, I'm looking at it
transcoding is in the pipline AFAIK. But for it to work, the core cleanup has to be finished first. So videoplayer needs to completely be de-coupled from any UI component etc, so that it can be instantiated multiple times (for PIP) and standalone in the background (for transcoding). FernetMenta is currently working hard to get rid of the tangled mess around our videoplayer component. So once this is finished (no ETA) we can start working on implementing transcoding and PIP
VideoPlayer for transcoding?
Interesting concept Wink

I would have expected decoupling of ffmpeg from VP, instead...
@Koying well, playback would have to run through the same pipeline as local playback, wouldn't it (inputstream, demuxers, external subs/audio tracks, ...) and this is all bound to VP, isn't it? Transcoding itself will likely be done by ffmpeg - so basically "only" the output target of the player would change from local to a transcoder. That's at least how I understood it. I could ofc be wrong on that.
Well, technically, why not, but that seems strange to use the player to do transcoding, architectually.
Separation of Concerns, anyone Wink