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Full Version: Video files "disappeared" from kodi
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I have been using kodi for months on my Xbox using a external hard drive with all my video files. Randomly, last night some of my movies no longer show in either the "movies" section where I had previously scanned then into my library, or under "video files" section where I play them directly from the folder. To verify, the files still are accessible in Xbox media player and also when the hard drive is connected the laptop. Any ideas?
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(2018-05-29, 09:40)nico191 Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas?

Make sure that view options set to All videos
Unable to find this option, however, I was able to go into "file manager" and lo and behold, there they were. Still can't see them by just clicking the drive, then the folder or under library. Weird. Sad Any other advice?
(2018-05-29, 11:03)nico191 Wrote: [ -> ]Unable to find this option

The option exists at left side panel (Estuary skin)
@afedchin is referring to this... https://kodi.wiki/view/Basic_controls#Sideblade_Menu

Make sure you have All Videos selected, instead of Watched or Unwatched
Unfortunately, this didn't work. Still can't see the files under "D:my book" in videos, or under my library. Some of them still show up in both and play fine, but most I can only see by going into "file manager" and opening them. So weird.
(2018-05-29, 12:07)nico191 Wrote: [ -> ]So weird.

Which files (with extension) disappeared? Also full Debug Log would be helpful. enable debugging, restart Kodi, go into Video - >Files -> "my book" then catch the log file.
What drive letter is used when you access it via the file manager?
User error not an kodi one; my bet is on the toggle, all videos, watched and unwatched or maybe you've applied a filter. It matters not if your in file mode or library mode these options are the prime suspect, maybe your skin needs to be on a higher level of access setting as some skins have expert mode etc etc.
I have the same problem. I have two different ftp servers, one works fine, I find the movie files as I should.
The other ftp server acts really strange after last libreelec update. I can find the folders and the "sample" movie file, but not the actual movie file. If I go to file manager I can see the correct movie file.

As it works on one of the server I can see why it would be a filtering issue.

Please help.