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Full Version: Background menu when I play movie
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On Kodi on my box Android When I play a movie who are not in 1920x1080 (the resolution on my TV) the black bar aren't present and I have the menu of Kodi in background. And when I make a pause in the movie the commande and state are flickering on my screen.

Have you see this problem before and have you a solution.

I am on Kodi 17.6 on a box android

For your information, Kodi 17.x Krypton is no longer in development so no additional releases will come out.

Have a try with Kodi Leia Alpha builds, and if the problem persists, provide us with a debug log (wiki) file. Just mentioning a single reference/description "Kodi 17.6 on Android" is not nearly enough to do a proper bug hunt.
Thanks for the answer I make a debug log and I post it here quickly
I can't post the log files is too big 86 mo but I can post a picture of the bug
Enable debug logging, reboot your system, recreate the issue and then upload the debug log (wiki) to paste.ubuntu.com . You can use the kodi log uploader add-on of that's easier - it's in the official repo.

Details of the procedure are in the next post.
To receive meaningful assistance you will need to provide a full debug log.

The instructions are here... debug log (wiki)

If you are using the Basic Method, then ensure the following is applied...
1.Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging,
2.Restart Kodi
3.Replicate the problem.

If you are using the Advanced Method ensure you have correctly created and applied the advancedsettings.xml file.

In both instances, you should see the word DEBUG throughout the log.

Note: Full logs only. No partial or redacted logs
Do NOT post your logs directly into the forum. Always use a paste site like pastebin.com. Post the link to your pasted log in the forum
I'm French. Excuse me for my bad english !
I have the same problem as "Ozoeur" (It seems to me).
My TV is a Samsung LE37S86BD 37'' 1380X768 60 hz
Kodi is installed on my box android Freebox mini 4k (France).
Both are connected by an HDMI cable.
An external hard drive (NAS) plugged into the box contains movies and TV series (most divx mp3 or ac3 in avi or mkv containers).
The resolutions are different depending on the movies.
The resolution of TV series generally pose no problem since such videos generally have resolutions that correspond to that of the TV screen. There is no black band.
There is however a bug of reading with the films which are not encoded in 16/9:
- Kodi wallpaper appears behind instead of traditional black bands, which is not comfortable for the eyes when played.
- When I press the OK button on the remote control, the black bands appear with the information at the top and the controls and playback settings at the bottom (that's normal!).
- But when I press the same OK button again (or the "escape" button) to make the information, options and controls disappear, then the same information, options and controls will start to glitter instead of disappearing ... !!! It's even more unpleasant.
I spent two hours in the settings of KODI and the French Box “FreeBox”, but found nothing to fix this bug!
Impossible to play a such movie comfortably on my TV trough KODI.
I work at my office for the moment, and can't send you "log files" yet ! Perhaps tonight ?
But if anyone has an idea to fix this bug ?
So, i'm back home.
The log files is at :
jatolifewo (paste)
I percise that the french box "FreeBox" is actually under android 7.1.1

That log is no good.

You have not enabled Debug mode in Settings>System Settings>Logging, you have edited the log and you have not replicated the problem.

Try again.
edevexusak (paste)
Hi, I have exactly the same problem since the update to android 7.1.1 in the Freebox mini 4k. I'm not at home and can't post the log. We have several to have this bug and shade, Kodi is wonderful  when it's works.
Hi !
Exactly the same issue with my android box. It’s really a pain...
Same problem here with Kodi 17.6 an now with Kodi 18.0 and android box 7.1.1

Here is the log
ijazarasah (paste)

Do you have any suggestions ?

Yes, don't have SuperRepo installed, as it's a banned addon (wiki) and precludes any support being offered here whilst it is on your device.
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