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Full Version: Disable "Now playing" picture when playing music
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HOW do you turn this off?  If I wanted to see stupid pictures, I wouldn't turn on a visualization plugin.  I don't want to see anything when music is playing other than the visualizer.  I'm hoping I'm just being dumb and missing an obvious option somewhere, but if I'm not there is a serious design problem here.
Please post a screenshot of what you are referring to.

If the image is on your computer, then use button 19. If the image has already been uploaded to a public image hosting site, then use button 14
It's the "now playing" window that shows the name of the song, plus a picture that I can't get rid of.  But I just (accidentally) found that if I spam the esc key a few times it closes and only shows the visualizer.  Weird.  Moving the mouse brings it back.  Is there a way to just disable this, or at least auto hide it?  If you still need a screenshot I can try to take one.
Pressing I on keyboard or Info button on remote will remove that, it should then only reappear on a track change and should auto-hide after 10 seconds.