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Full Version: Kodi doesn't see all the TV stations that tvheadend does
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Please excuse this cross-post.  I just found this room on the forum.

I have both tvheadend and Kodi set up on my Mint Box.

Tvheadend sees 19 TV stations.  But Kodi only sees 11, one being a radio station.

I've done everything including uninstalling the Tvheadend add-on on Kodi and re-installing it to force it to re-read the Tvheadend station list.  I have mapped stations in Tvheadend until I'm blue in the face.

What am I missing?  Why won't Kodi see the 19 TV stations?
After making this post, then reading the excellent setup guide, I noticed this in the guide:
Quote:- Now click on the "FreeSat" network you just created and hit the "Force Scan" button.

Of all the things I tried yesterday, I didn't do this after I changed the position of my antenna.  I just kept "mapping".

After a couple of restarts of Kodi, they're all there now.

Sorry for the noise.
"Noise" that shares experience and solution is always perfectly acceptable here - don't worry about it ;-)

Thread marked solved.

Sorry.  Though I'm new to this forum, I should have known to have marked this "Solved".