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Full Version: Problems with USB memories and DVD driver on lubuntu kodi autologin user
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I Have installed Lubuntu with autologin on kodi 17.6, to start on lubuntu desktop i have registred the "Kodi-os" user and the kodi autoejecute without start with Lubuntu desktop i have registred the "kodi" user, when i'm start with lubuntu user "kodi-os" and open kodi my USB memories (Fat32 and NTFS) i can use them without problems, kodi can read and write them, the same thing with the DVD driver. but when i'm start kodi on "kodi" user and autologin, the kodi can't read the USB memories and DVD Driver and to the USB memores i need to install the USBmount, with this i can read USB Memories but when i want to write in them the velocity transfer is very slow, worst like an USB 1.0 memory and the DVD driver still not read..

How can I fix these problems without using the USBmount?