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Full Version: kodi lose network wen I add or remove folders/files on NAS/smb windows
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I have a odroid xu4 runing ubuntu mate. It is conected to tv for vedio play.
My NAS is a win7 desctop with a 3tb hdd.

The only temp fix is to reset the win7 dwsctop pc.
Interesting post title -
but you've included no detail to assist debug (eg Kodi version, debug logs of happenings ...)
Thread moved to Linux section.
for some reason I cant get error logs on any of my kodies(win7,win10 and bouth of my odroid kodies).

and my kodies are krypton 17.4 I thaink.
When you say "kodi lose network", did you mean it's not connecting to shared folders on your Win7 desktop machine (which you refer to as a "NAS")...?
When it drops networking, did you try a network ping off the Kodi box to see if it can still access the IP of the Windows machine?