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Full Version: Filter, hide to Print
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I would have a small request because I did not find the command to print its tree
so this one does not have to be there

my question,
if it is implanted one day, will you be able to sort and filter on a certain part of the tree?

thank you
sorry, I do not understand what you exactly mean..

filtering the tree should already be there (the small button right to the search box) and sorting is not possible
sorry to come back late, I forget my own topics

my question was
will it be possible to hide part of my mediatheque to see only certain sub folder?

in my case, I have an ANIME file
in, I have a subfolder for GHIBLI, DCMA and DISNEY

to be able to do a visual control of what I have, I would like to see only the contents of the folder DISNEY
because via a sort by name, these are mixed with the rest of my mediatheque