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Full Version: Thinking about getting a mini PC is Kodibuntu dead ?
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Thinking my Raspberry Pi is not strong enough to run HdhomeRun and Kodi with my massive library. I never have trouble with my regular PC with Win7 so thinking about getting a mini PC and installing  Kodibuntu on SD card just worried the support will not continue.
See my response here reference KodiBuntu and getting a bunty-based Kodi media box up and running: 2741169 (post)

The box you mention looks good enough.  I went for one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Celeron-...00VBNSO8U/ and dropped an SSD in for more storage; the only issues I had was a kernel bug that initially froze the platform (but fritsch helped me out there) and everything's been running pretty smooth and silent so far.

Hope that helps!