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Full Version: Controlling video settings via JSON-RPC
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I am trying to automatically shift the image down to put the black bars into the masked area of my screen. I thought I could do it with the JSON-RPC interface but it seems this function is not implemented.

I played around some with the JSON-RPC interface but could not get the video functions like "Zoom" to work for video, it seems it is not supported:
{"error":{"code":-32100,"message":"Failed to execute method."},"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


For the "Vertical shift" setting I cannot find any corresponding method in the API documentation.

--> Have I missed some function or is this not implemented yet?
--> Does anyone have any idea how to get this to work? My next step would be trying to build my own addon.

Thank you very much for any input.
Any news about this? I'd like to control pixel ratio and enable non-linear stretch with a macro. Are there json-rpc functions for this or is sending keystrokes the only option?
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Thank you so much for your work Memphiz and DaveTBlake. I really appreciate your effort and I'm looking forward to 18.1/18.2!