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Full Version: Leia Alpha 2 and Missing Movies
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I've just updated to Leia Alpha 2 and now Missing Movies no longer works.
The addon loads and if I click Missing Movies or Missing Episodes it just moves to the two dots.
Any help would be appreciated and I know I'm using alpha software so it's not a big issue, I'm using the latest version of Missing Movies available.

Thank you,

Probably easier if you change over to using the Event Log... https://kodi.wiki/view/Event_Log
Well that only shows me that Kodi was successfully started at the moment so not much of a replacement despite what the blurb says. Thank you though.
Did you run an Update Library?

If you did, then the chances are high that there is something wrong with your library and not both Event Log and Missing Movie Scanner.
I've not had a problem with my library before. I know it moved from 109 to 110 with this update though. So you think it's worth trying to start again? I'm using a centralised MariaDB 10 database. The library appeared to be working perfectly as it was telling me I had watched half an episode (as I had) when moving from the kitchen to the sitting room.
I've deleted the database and allowed it to import again it updates when I watch things and if I do a scan it adds them.
Any further ideas as to how I can test and find out why the addons are not working?
If it is just the add-ons that are not working, it is best to ask the add-on developer for assistance in the thread for the add-on.

Also remember to provide a Debug Log when you post.
Hello Karellen, I'm unable to find an original thread for missing movies (which I'm sure is me being blind, but I have searched).
I'll post the debug log once I get a chance to do so.

It's in the program add-ons section, not a video one.
Thank you very much, I was sure it is listed under video addons. Very sorry about that.