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Full Version: XBMC Ubuntu PPAs (precompiled PPA builds for Ubuntu)
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Affini Wrote:Do I just need to choose 'xbmc' to install?

yep !
Problem solved, I think as a Windows user reinstall Ubuntu and XBMC works perfectly. Thank you.
Is MythTv support enabled in PPA?
It's enabled by default in all builds. The old gmyth stuff has been deprecated in favor of cmyth
Small question:
I added the SVN PPA's (daily builds).
If I want a daily build, wouldn't it be beter to svn the source and use the build-script?
Because now, Synaptic downloads ~60megs with every upgrade.
well, actually it depends on the download capacity. One can make his own choice. The SVN PPA is there for people who doesn't want to bother having to make the build themselves .
Furthermore this daily build build also for AMD64 so we can now detect if the build failed on that platform and know that we introduced a code that is not 64bit compliant.
There is still a lot of people building themselves from svn.

BTW, synaptic won't download xbmc automatically (because the PPA is not a certified repository , since we have no GPG key for it). So synaptic will tell you that there is an update and it's up to you to take it or not.

Quick question:
Is the HAL Automount option enabled for the SVN PPA packages?
I don't believe so, wattazoum will have to reply to know for sure.
In the current README.linux, I can't see any option concerning HAL Automount . I didn't add any option that where unsafe or experimental or not mentioned in the README.linux file.
$ ./configure --help
--enable-halmount enable automounting feature (default is no)


I think that requires pmount too, not sure if you pull that in now or not.
Any chance that you will compile the packages with the --enable-halmount so that it will automount my SD card Smile
It also has issues for people running as an app on gnome because it will unmount stuff when xbmc shuts down and is more designed for people with no desktop
So, is there any way to make that a User Configurable option?

(I'm running an XBMC only system without gnome or kde)
Duduke Wrote:So, is there any way to make that a User Configurable option?

(I'm running an XBMC only system without gnome or kde)

Compile yourself. There is no way to make this an option short of two completely separate builds.
How does one revert to the last PPA build? Is that possible? Stupid Question?