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Full Version: XBMC Ubuntu PPAs (precompiled PPA builds for Ubuntu)
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Yah, I've got the same situation, repos for maverick installed but nothing there at all to download for xbmc either by apt-get or synaptic
so guys, then please have a look at the stable ppa main page and tell me where you see a maverick build

for maverick you HAVE TO use the SVN ppa
That's all fine and lovely but then WHY if you go directly via the download link on the xbmc download page, which also incidentally says all versions past 9.1 are supported, and follow the easy option does it automatically set your system up for maverick ppasHuh
if you have maverick, then every ppa you set up manually will point to maverick builds, independently of if they're existent or not. now either set up the svn ppa or wait until there's a final stable dharma release for maverick.
That's fine m8 Smile
I'm just playing devil's advocate. There's going to be plenty of people asking the same question unless the download page etc is updated to say that at present M is not supported via that method whereas at present it clearly says all builds past 9.1 supported and then gives standard code which adds the PPAs which don't as yet exist. Will lead to much confusion no?

I'm looking for minimal ubuntu installation , I don't understand if the script that published in the first page of this thread is standalone version .
Or it XBMC software but itself which already configured to best performance.

Please advice if for standalone version of xbmc i should use the link here or first download and instal Ubuntu and than the here.

Sorry if it's dump question - but i tried so many package but not what i need.
(uptosate standalone XBMC with minimal ubuntu).

*if* I read your posting correctly, please try the XBMCbuntu wiki link in my sig

@nunrgguy1: no prob, it's just that these maverick-related ppa problems are also starting to go on my nerves ^^
@ Avico

You wont get UP-TO-DATE minimal ubuntu e.g Maverick install + XBMC instructions anywhere, even the wiki,
the very latest is only for Lucid and it leaves a lot to be desired for maverick...

They address but in no depth proper alsa/xbmc configuration for HDMI, Optical/coax or analog multichannel config, resume on suspend is rubbishly documented, remote control setups is missing or xorg.conf optimizations for smooth playback at 24p (its thers but doesnt quite cut it for maverick on some hw, only to name a few... The information is a bit all over the place.... even forums only some of it is way old now, for newer stuff though it has great value because it can be adapted.

I personally wrote over 30000 words on how to fix issues.

The wiki It does give you only a basic idea, the rest will take anyone without Linux knowledge months to figure out to iron out kinks and annoyances.

I know what Im talking about when I say, what I say for personal experience and developing own install script as you can see on my signature.

Im not doing it anymore for health reasons, I cant handle the stress to make it simple for everyone anymore especially without any help.

This is cause New Distros introduce new problems due to way they innovate and change how they basically function.
Great for Linux desktop users but for anyone who wants a out of box 100% XBMC working experience, I dont think so.

Most peeps despite being harcore xbmc users still disregard the fact XBMC is very much behind ubuntu releases, this is not without its consequences for a smooth experience. Yet everyone I read about want the latest, not really making an informed decison on what it really entails to be on the edge of linux releases stable or otherwise and expect everything to work.

The dependencies and how newer linux releases handle crucial things like e.g. alsa (what you need for sound) and is more widely use then e.g pulse with XBMC over minimal, is being handled by e.g. Maverick/lucid, its my opinion that this MAY in some cases not work as desired.
This also depends on users ability to tweak or fix the remainder issues if you suffer from them (when I google or read forums all I see is problems even when badly explained by posters, some I have confirmed.

Its a industrious and tedious, stressing and drawn out process to get each of your own needs for your HTPC experience, if you want to go for the nerd factor more edit the script on my signature and read the cmds that are processed, and for extra nerdiness learn linux, which is a bonus, despite its demands on learning/understanding it will have on user. Otherwise use it as is. It cant be easier depending on what you need, what platform, hw and so on.

Maybe in 2 to 3 years XBMCLive will work properly out-of-box for a wide percentage of available hardware which most users use for HTPC's... atm its about 60% at best for all the platforms I have tried.

Long post but... Positive is...

XBMC Rules!!
i installed ubuntu 10.04, and everything is working flawlessly.
Running hd content a lot smoother than windows 7 on my zotac ion box now Smile.

So if your running maverick and want life easy just install a older ubuntu, you wont notice that much difference.
Craig, absolutely yes for the average user I'd be inclined to agree but it's not going to be the same for everyone, imagine everyone out there running xbmc, it's wrong to assume everyone is running it the same or under the same circumstances.

Personally we have a mythtv system here that runs on 4 boxes, after 3 or 4 distro upgrades it was getting very buggy, then the upgrade to Lucid via synaptic killed the system and trashed the database. Re-download myth images which are now 10.10, 3 days setting up the system, lvm, samba, rescanned transports etc etc and is now all working again except for xmltv so I don't think I'll flatten the lot just to put Lucid on for xbmc. Yes, maybe it's my fault for not checking re xbmc and 10.10 but I'd rather put on 10.10. for myth and get it stable rather than putting 10.04 on and risk upgrading in the future which ALWAYS messes something up.

Anyway, the main box that runs xbmc here is still the original xbox and the linux one is secondary on one of the mythtv front ends so here, rather than going svn (which on the xbox was always pretty stable anyway) I think I'll wait it out for the stable release.

And whatever xbmc still ROCKS.
and you know why XBMC still rocks/rules/whatever, despite all the hassle: because it's totally worth it Big Grin I see it in the eyes of every friend who sees my home cinema "fuck, where can I buy this?!"
So, my question at the moment is.
My mythbuntu box blew up, so I reloaded the latest version.
I only use mythtv for actually watching tv, all media gets played by xmbc.
The latest version is based on 10.10.

Is there any current way to get my movie playback working or am I going to have to reinstall an older version of mythbuntu?

Just did an upgrade to the new SVN.

Works quite well. Last upgrade killed my sound (had to pulseaudio -k), but this went quite well.

Everything looks slick and like it's working.

Now if the default web interface "Remote" and "Settings" tabs would work, I'd be in heaven. I haven't ever had those work in any version.

Edit: Oh, and if the web interface supported Sets.....
ive setup xbmc dharma rc2 on my windows 7 just fine. i was thinking, could i get the same experience on linux? i was thinking setting up a very low spec pc for my minimal linux installation with xbmc as my htpc. the setup must be able to play hardware accelerated fullhd and hardware accelerated flash media. is this possible? if it is, where can i gather more information? by the way, im thinking of installing myth in order to record/support tv.
Sure can. The new Zotac Zbox has some good reviews by fellow XBMC users saying it does 1080p flawlessly(find these on new egg) under $250.00. The acer Revo is a good choice as well (over $300.00. Jetway has a small ION based system that comes with a remote control as well ($289.00). Since a member here wrote a script that allows for blurays to play as they are being ripped via the makemkv program, in linux, you may want something that has a bluray drive but possibly not. I just started the build of a system with an OrigenAE M10 enclosure, a zotac H55/Intel i3 based mini-ITX system. Plan on controlling with an ipad. Just need to save for a slot loading slim bluray drive. Ugh. There are lots of smaller computers out there that can do it fine. Run xbmc live and install it to the hard drive for a seamless experience. Just do your research on wifi and gpu hardware to make sure xbmc live will work well out of the box.