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Full Version: Xbox One S - Kodi 18.0-ALPHA3 Cannot Reach SFTP Network
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Ever since Kodi on Xbox updated for me today, I've been unable to access my media library, which is connected via SFTP. Now, when trying to play any media from my network drive, it would say that the media is no longer reachable. Additionally, I can no longer add additional sources via SFTP and attempting to access my files via the built in file manager results in Kodi crashing.

This has only been occurring after Kodi updated from 18.0-ALPHA2 to 18.0-ALPHA3. I have always been able to use SFTP just fine prior to this update.

Log file: http://paste.kodi.tv/tokogovadi
Have you enabled the VFS - 'SFTP support' addon?

SFTP support was recently to a binary addon.
I enabled the SFTP addon, but now instead of crashing when attempting to view the library, it says "unable to connect to remote server" and trying to re-add it as a source gives me a similar error.

Log File: http://paste.kodi.tv/adehejawem
This is a bug in the SFTP addon source code. I submitted a fix for it.